Cryptocurrency: To See and Be Seen

Fierce debates are raging over how to regulate crypto markets. In a new publication, Jack Seddon and I reframe this as a battle over legibility.

Unravelling the Magic of Shell Companies

FinCEN is building a new database of information on company ownership. But what impact will this have on law enforcement efforts?

Europe's Financial Crime Hunters

The EU has created a new agency, AMLA, to track international money laundering. But this is not the region's first attempt to empower supranational detectives.

Chasing the Smugglers

States are turning toward the banking sector to help enforce export controls. But following the money is easier said than done.

Binance and the Trojan Horse

The criminal prosecution of Binance highlights the integral but little understood role of nested accounts in facilitating financial crime

The Unknown History of U.S. Trade Surveillance

Show Me (Where You Got) the Money: New AML Rules Promise to Upend Real Estate

As illegal money pours through the U.S. market, FinCEN and Congress appear set to act.

The Challenges of Using Software to Detect Financial Crime

Multilateral development banks have always been vulnerable to political interference

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